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by Jonathan Mann



t all started with a tweet.

Back in 2012, I tweeted at Xeni Jardin asking if she had a request for a song. She answered:

"Hah! Yes! I choose Kittens In Space!"

A few hours later, the song “Kittens In Space” was born.

And shortly after that, the wheels started turning in my brain.

Over the course of these last 2000 days of writing songs, one of my goals has been to come back to the tunes that resonate in order to produce them and make them better. One of the biggest challenges on this front has been figuring out WHICH songs to come back to. The sheer volume is overwhelming.

After Kittens, an idea clicked into place: Animal songs. I really love animals. All the animals. So it’s not surprising that a good chunk out of the 2000 songs are about animals. I started going back through my archive and listening to these animal songs. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t?) how often I completely forget a song I’ve written. After much digging, I found 13 songs that I particularly liked and I got to work.

Two a half years later, I’m really proud to present these 13 songs with 11 accompanying music videos. A wide array of amazingly talented people worked really hard to bring all this to life. It’s been amazing.

I’ve been calling this record a “Kids Album”. Originally I was going to title it “All My Friends Are Having Kids” and in my mind, the full title was: “All My Friends Are Having Kids…And I’m Not…And It Makes Me Sad…Goddammit”

This is funny now because I’m releasing this album exactly a week to the day after my first son was born. He’s the best. I think he’s really going to enjoy it. I’ll play it for him, right after he finishes pooping on himself.

All that being said, none of these songs started out with kids in mind. I wrote about Penguins because Penguins are awesome. I wrote about Red Pandas because they’re fucking cute as fuck. I wrote about a hippo named Steve with multiple personalities because I thought it was funny. You know? So I think kids will like it, but only because I think everybody will like it. Because it’s good music. Most of my favorite music as a child wasn’t directed at me specifically.

So anyway, if you do like the record, buy it, share it, watch the videos and dance like a Capybara on to whom water is falling, falling, falling.



released May 13, 2014

see: animals.cool




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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