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A Very Ice King Christmas

by Jonathan Mann

The First Christmas (Marceline and The Ice King) Song A Day #1424 E A E Smoke in the air, sludge on the ground A man comes wandering through town On his hip a golden crown B7 C#m A He has a desperate need and he's tightly wound Blood in the water, smoke in the air A young vampire is kneeling there Tears on her cheeks she has short black hair She's all alone and she's so scared C#m B A Christmas day in the apocalyptic waste land The whole wide world has been recast His beard it grows obscenely fast Through the rubble so dark and vast He sees the girl as he's wandering past The moon has lost all it's pull His brain is wired his brain is full But he sees her tears and it touches his soul He gives her a stuffed animal
Ice King Ninja Christmas Party A There's a Christmas Tree D In the Secret Ninja Room F#m and It's all decked out E With boughsc of jolly holly Lights are strung Among blades and throwing stars Stacks of greeting cards Have been filled out for the party Bm D The Ice King is baking a fruit cake Bm E Gunter is dancing to a playlist of his favorite songs (Break) A D E D A D E A It's a Merry Christmas Ninja Party The Ice King has invited everybody Bm Will anyone show F#m And help build men out of snow G E Or will the Ice King spend Christmas alone BMO brings the punch Cosmic Owl spiked it Tree Trunks providing lunch Finn and Jake will like it Ice King's in a Santa suit He's giving everybody presents Bubblegum wants to learn Korean Rainicorn is giving her lessons
Gunter The Bottle Breaking Penguin Song A Day #1415 C Gunter is a penguin Dm Who likes to break bottles Em All the other penguins G Think he's really weird They laugh and make fun of him They say that they don't love him They won't let poor Gunter Snuggle in the Ice King's beard F But then one fateful Christmas Eve C Finn and Jake came to say Am Ice King we're sick of you D7 G We're locking you away And using some heretofore Magic unseen or heard of They locked him in a tiny bottle Unbreakable and sturdy And Gunter seeing that his dad Was suffocating and chokin He mustered up all his might Knocked over the bottle and broke it Now Gunter is a penguin Who likes to break bottles All the other penguins Follow him all around They do what he tells them They bring him sea shells and Theo all let 'ol Gunter Snuggle with the Ice King now
Nice King Hanukkah Song Song A Day #1428 Bm G Nice King, NIce King Bm A Bm Nice King, Nice King, oh Oh Bm G Nice King, NIce King F# Nice King Bm F# Nice King, light the candles G E For 8 nights all the princesses Will bring you presents And give you treasures They'll keep you warm in the spirit of the season Nice King have a latke Turtle Princess made you matzoh brie With fresh eggs Princess Princess Princess they're all in love with you D Nice King A You're amazing Em You're beardless and fearless G And every princess wants you Nice King You could have everything Just keep the beard off And keep the fire burning Nice king hear them calling They want you to choose Which one you gonna marry On the 8th day of Hanukkah Before the candles go out and your beard grows back
All The Ice King Wants For Christmas Song A Day #1413 A D All the Ice King wants for Christmas A F#m Is the love of a beautiful princess C#7 D Is the warming glow of friendship B E To feel like he belongs He will freeze you and kidnap you But it's only because he has to Some archeological snafu Everything's gone wrong A E D Merry Christmas Ice King C#7 D I hope you get what you want A E D You deserve one nice thing B E Once nice thing for the Ice King A E D Fa la la la la All the Ice King wants for Christmas He can't have and that's so sad If I could grant his wishes I'd let him see his past Ice King you're not a monster Put that crown in it's holster Have some egg nog, here's some for Gunter You don't have to be a spaz


I love Adventure Time so much, and I really relate to the Ice King. He is my favorite character. I wanted to write some songs about him, and (as I'm writing this) it's Christmas time, and somehow that seemed like a perfect fit. I wrote these songs over the course of two weeks through my Song A Day project.

I'm giving away the album for free, but if you pay money for it, I'll donate half the money to Sweet Relief, a charity that gets health care to working musicians, and the other half to Child's Play, an amazing video games based charity. Check 'em out! Mathematical!



released December 12, 2012

All songs written and played by Jonathan Mann and inspired by Adventure Time!
Mixed at Terminator Smile Studios www.terminatorsmile.com
Cover art by Chris Piascik chrispiascik.com




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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