Barefoot in the Family Tree EP

by Jonathan Mann

The Manniac club exclusive
There’s no bluebird laughing (oh no!) There’s no robin crying (oh no!) There’s only crow’s a-singin’ (oh yes!) It’s this rain they’re bringing (Rain they’re bringing!) Turn to the left: See the rain Turn to the right: Feel the rain Look out behind you! Look out behind you! Look out behind you! It’s coming down Crows are singing This rain they’re bringing, I want you To come in from the rain Into my arms again Just like you never left Make everything the same The color of your hair Black and soft and wet I must be insane Those birds up in the trees Are making fun of me They fly away so free I’m stuck here on the ground Drowning in the rain Hit my head against the wall Push the rock back up the hill Dance and dance again, alone You always made me wait You always kept me straight You can’t keep me anymore Rain, rain, come on in Can I fix you a drink? Make yourself at home. Rain, rain, everybody’s gone Look at me: You’re the only friend I have There’s no bluebird laughing (oh no!) There’s no robin crying (oh no!) There’s only crow’s a-singin’ (oh yes!) It’s this rain they’re bringing (Rain they’re bringing!)
When will the world end? Will it be 2012? What about Y2K? Would it have happened if we didn't fix our computers? I want to know! Patterns in text, in time, in rhyme Do we see what's really there Or what we see: Is it just the way we were made We are pattern machines We are pattern machines I'm sick of seeing patterns everywhere Patterns make assumptions, make me stop and stare I don't want to be a slave to a brain that's too aware Give me back my humanity DNA, chemistry, the Dow Jones, and math Physics, astrology, religion and the scientific method Let's leave it all behind! When I see the color green, is it the same as what you see? Do you see the color green because it's green? Or is it just the way you were made? We are pattern machines We are pattern machines
When we all lay down our eggs And have made our many journeys Do we all lay down our heads And rest on penguin gurney's? No! We set up the PA system Plug in our penguin iPods For when our penguin work is done We break the shackles of penguin-dom We're penguins having a party Hop on in, the water's great Don't be shy and don't be late We may be birds, but we can't fly So down the slopes we slip and slide I'm gonna dance with Sally and Jane! I'm gonna dance till I go insane! I'm gonna dance to the rhythm of the storm We'll all dance to the global warming We're penguins having a party
Maybe we weren’t ever supposed to leave. But some enterprising fish believed: Happiness could be found on land, but oh, that’s when all my troubles began. So bury me beneath the ocean. Beneath the waves where predators roam it’s natrual we would find our home. I’m lost, I’m lost in the world of men. I long, I long to be home again. Bury me beneath the ocean
Sometime in the ocean of goop and fire and heat Little one celled organisms learned a new way to eat They started reproducing They started doing their thing And baby, it all led to you Sometime in the jungle of dinosaurs and mammals Was a little mouse like creature who lived only for the future She stayed alive long enough to give birth, even that was tough But baby, it all led to you And sometime in the desert was a tribe of proto-humans Life was very short for them, and nasty and brutish But they had a sky above them, they had family and love And so baby, it all led to you Sometime in a cave in what is now south western France They started building fires and when the moon was full they'd dance And the moon would work it's charms Into each others arms And baby, that led to you On the banks of the nile, beneath a cloudless sky above A horny teenage couple fell into a wistful love Their parents didn't approve, by they would not be moved And baby, that led to you And not one died Not one died, Not one died before it led to you Hear the drumming drum, drum, drum Of the history continuum From the ocean full of scum To the person you've become Call it accident or fate But the facts are simply plain Baby, it all led to you Baby, it all led to you


Towards the end of my first year of writing a song a day, I picked these 5 songs to take into a studio, where we tried to bring them to the next level. I hope you enjoy the results!

The number following each song title is the number of the day throughout year one on which that song was written.

If you like these songs, please support and follow my song a day project!


released December 1, 2009

Jonathan Mann: vocals, guitar, other random instruments
Sam Douglass: electric and slide guitar (1, 3)
David Douglas: keys (1, 2, 3, 4), back up vocals (3, 2)
Nic Kaelin: trumpet (4, 1), glockenspiel (3), back up vocals (2, 3)
Eric Yeargan: bass (2, 3, 5)
Reed Mathis: bass (1)
Chris Cuomo: bass and guitar (3)
Jeremy Black: drums, percussion
Cochrane McMillan: percussion (1, 3)
Ivory King: bass clarinet, vocals (3)
Katie Bailey: back up vocals (3)
Erin E. Lyman: back up vocals (1, 3)

produced, mixed and engineered by Jeremy Black
also engineered and mixed by Cochrane McMillan
at Coyote Hearing

All words and music by Jonathan Mann




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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