We Are Pattern Machines (#123)

from Barefoot in the Family Tree EP by Jonathan Mann

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When will the world end?
Will it be 2012?
What about Y2K?
Would it have happened if we didn't fix our computers?
I want to know!

Patterns in text, in time, in rhyme
Do we see what's really there
Or what we see: Is it just the way we were made
We are pattern machines
We are pattern machines

I'm sick of seeing patterns everywhere
Patterns make assumptions, make me stop and stare
I don't want to be a slave to a brain that's too aware
Give me back my humanity

DNA, chemistry, the Dow Jones, and math
Physics, astrology, religion and the scientific method
Let's leave it all behind!

When I see the color green, is it the same as what you see?
Do you see the color green because it's green?
Or is it just the way you were made?
We are pattern machines
We are pattern machines


from Barefoot in the Family Tree EP, released December 1, 2009




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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