Baby, It All Led To You (#197)

from by Jonathan Mann



Sometime in the ocean of goop and fire and heat
Little one celled organisms learned a new way to eat
They started reproducing
They started doing their thing
And baby, it all led to you

Sometime in the jungle of dinosaurs and mammals
Was a little mouse like creature who lived only for the future
She stayed alive long enough to give birth, even that was tough
But baby, it all led to you

And sometime in the desert was a tribe of proto-humans
Life was very short for them, and nasty and brutish
But they had a sky above them, they had family and love
And so baby, it all led to you

Sometime in a cave in what is now south western France
They started building fires and when the moon was full they'd dance
And the moon would work it's charms
Into each others arms
And baby, that led to you

On the banks of the nile, beneath a cloudless sky above
A horny teenage couple fell into a wistful love
Their parents didn't approve, by they would not be moved
And baby, that led to you

And not one died
Not one died,
Not one died before it led to you

Hear the drumming drum, drum, drum
Of the history continuum
From the ocean full of scum
To the person you've become
Call it accident or fate
But the facts are simply plain
Baby, it all led to you
Baby, it all led to you


from Barefoot in the Family Tree EP, released December 1, 2009




Jonathan Mann Brooklyn, New York

I'm a musician and songwriter, best known for writing a song a day. Been at it for over 2450 days straight! I also wrote The Mario Opera.

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