Three Day Reign

from Song A Day: The Album by Jonathan Mann



First, I was supposed to be king
Then, I was the last of my kind
Now I'm not anything
Just another soul with with nowhere to go and too much time

I was gonna be king, maybe praised and applauded
I was gonna be king and love who I wanted
She was everything but I was denied
And so they had to die

Vaguely aware of the rules they set
I was so used to getting my way
Some ancestor was full of regret
A forgotten father turning his grave

And so they took her away and told me to forget her
And they brought me another as if that would make it better
They couldn't be reasoned lord knows I tried
And so they had to die

And so one evening at dinner
I excused myself
We had company over
Cousins and uncles and everyone else
I went up to my room grabbed my m16 then when dinner was done n
I walked calmly back downstairs and I killed everyone

I was supposed to be king
And I was for three whole days
Now I'm not anything
A brief, forgotten king turning in his grave

The shots rang out and the bodies fell and I wanted to be sure
That everyone knew that I was doing it for her
It was clear to me by the look in their eyes
And so they had to die


from Song A Day: The Album, released September 28, 2011
Three Day Reign

Jonathan Mann - banjo, vocals
Thomas Hughes - toy piano, wurly
Nick Krill - drums
Matt Payne - synth Bass, trombone




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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