So It Glows

from Song A Day: Year Four by Jonathan Mann



i knew a girl with a halo that shone so bright
she always seemed happy even when nothing went right
she had this aura about her like nothing could ruin her day
i used to ask her about it, and this is what she'd say

so it glows
so it glows
like a honey mushroom and the tip of rudolph's nose
life can be so hectic
you just sing this body electric
when trouble has got you down
so it glows

science has just begun slicing genes
rats that glow in the dark is what that mostly means
but a pregnant woman is radiant no splicing required
just hum this tune in your head when you're feeling uninspired

so it glows
so it glows
like a cookie cutter shark or a firefly striking a pose
when you're life seems way too hectic
you just sing your body electric
when you're sure you've had enough
so it glows

Your brain it runs on electricity
Beneath your skull you are glowing so brightly
Don't underestimate the power you contain
One tiny molecule flip and you'd burst right into flames

Another day on earth, I'm at the end of my rope
Being a human being can make a body lose hope
I sit here in the dark waiting for the universe to give me a sign
All the while not realizing that I can just let it shine

so it glows
so it glows
like a glow worm in the grass warning a toad
life can be so hectic
you just sing this body electric
if you need to light the way
so it glows


from Song A Day: Year Four, released January 1, 2012




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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