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throw a cob of corn into the sun, it'll be popcorn
look at that old pile of hay, it's a dead body
make your hand into a fist, a gun, or a laser
can you roll your R's with your tongue 'cause i can

He-Man, Skeletor
You got toys and i got more
I got a crush on Dawn
I lay face down on the lawn

little boy awake and terrified, why's he crying?
he thinks about his mom and his dad, them dying
that dream of being chased by someone he can't see
that feeling of wanting to know who he'll be

so big so tall
we're all so small
one mask we call a face
won't be remember'd won't be replaced

alone at home on a rainy sunday night, he’s writing
thinking, “someday i'll live another life, exciting
i'll fall in love with a girl that i've just met
i'll wander darkened streets alone in jerusalem.”

The hotel he doesn’t like
He doesn’t win the open mic
The summer ends and he’s in love
Though somehow it’s still not enough

Summer night silent and my wife is sleeping
I’m watching my son’s chest rise and falling
I’m wondering what he could be dreaming
That feeling of wanting to know who he’ll be

Fears piled on to fears
Old feelings hot tears
Wanting to hold on but no
Trying hard to let go


from I Used To Love My Body, released January 8, 2019




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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