Are You A Real Peson?

from Song A Day: The Album by Jonathan Mann



1s and 0s burned and broken
do you or do you not exist
i will accept you with arms wide open
but if you're fake I will feel foolish

you're friends with my friends
but that is not conclusive
i try to verify you but you are elusive
little bit arranged in rows and rows just so
now i am obsessed and i simply must know

ohhh ohhh are you a real person?

flesh and bone is less deceiving
i don't need a turing test
if can touch you and feel you breathing
hear your heart beating in your chest

i don't know what your motivation might be
when you look my way and you decide to friend me
far be it from me to disrupt the status quo
now i am obsessed and i simply must know

ohhhh ohhh are you a real person?

if you're real just say so
if we knew each other long ago
if you're someone that i really know
if you're real, well then hello!


from Song A Day: The Album, released September 28, 2011
Are You A Real Person?

Jonathan Mann - vocals, baritone uke
Norman Famous - Drums
Thomas - Bass, guitar
Nick - Vocals, guitar




Jonathan Mann Jersey City, New Jersey

I'm a songwriter best known for writing a song a day. I've been at it for 10 years.

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